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KALIKO FLEX – Fix System

Suitable for use on any pitch roof from 0° – 90°. The Flex-Fix system provides the
most flexible roof waterproofing available...

Key Features...

Safer to install – requires no flames or hot tar boilers on-site
‘Standardised-Procedures’ installation system means consistent finish and trouble free installation
Minimal effect by adverse weather conditions allowing installation over damp substrates

How It Works...
"The Flex-Fit System is designed to absorb structural movement
before it effects the waterproof layer".

Kaliko Flex-Fix discs
are mechanically fixed at 600mm centers over the top of any insulation or separating layer. The waterproofing membrane is then laid over the top and is bonded to each of the disks.

This moves in concert with the wind - eliminating localised stress points associated with conventional rigid fixing systems. This bespoke installation allows the most complex roof design to be waterproofed with confidence.

Kaliko has a standard 10 year guarantee which can be longer if required.


We are also an approved contractor for the Trocal Flat Roofing System, which has a BBA Certificate and has a 10 year manufacturer's backed guarantee which can be extended if required.

We also offer a free quotation on any work.